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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching Up

The unfortuante thing about blogging is that sometimes it is more like work than fun and I don't bother doing it. I should have my rubberslave post regular updates in my absence.

In December pigbear, who I met at Mr. Bratman's, came to visit. The pigbear was in the NYC area for  business and was able to spend a few days visiting with us. The pigbear got to sight see new York at Christmas and receive some bondage in the rubbersleepsack, which it loved.

The pigbear is not under my control, but it was still respectful enough to refrain from cumming for a few weeks before visiting. He was a horny pigbear and I was nice enough to let the pigbear cum before returning to Texas.

It was great having the pigbear here and I hope to spend more time training it in the future.

Speaking of not cumming, my rubberslave "pup" has been in chastity since early October and it is very horny. I spent a night keeping the pup primed and on edge.

The pup also has a new rubber catsuit. The suit was custom made from the guys at E7 Gear. The suit was custom made and fits beuatifuly. If you don't know the E7 and the great rubber gear they make you should. E7 Gear

Here is a brief video of the pup in its new suit.

Here are some pics of pigbear in its bondage session and one of the pup in its new suit.

Expect more updates soon. the Canadian rubberpig is visiting for MAL and the Seattle rubberpig has come back into my life again. Things never get dull when you are a rubber bondage Master.

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