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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Electro Stimulation

We only have a small amount of gear right now. Most everything is packed in boxes and inaccessible in the front room. But there is some stuff we took on the plane with us, and I was been able to use that to give the rubber slave some electro training.

The rubber slave has been in chastity for 17 days and is extremely horny and happy. When I told it I was going to give it some training I believe it thought it would be allowed to cum, considering it is Valentine's Day. I even teased the slave by taking the lock off the chastity device, but I only did that to put a new, smaller lock on.

The slave was in its rubber suit, hood, gloves, locked fist mitts, socks and boots. It was collared, gagged and blindfolded using new Mr. S neoprene bondage gear.

I attached rubber electro loops to its balls and inserted and electro plug in its hole and then gave it some stimulation for about 30 minutes. It was humping the bed trying to get relief.


  1. WAG WAG :) very nice ;)

  2. Pleaaaase tell me there's a video to this one.

  3. nice work....
    i love it....
    hope got video for it...

    boy ducter

    1. your hope has been answered a video was just published. nothing spectacular but good to hear the rubberslave moaning in pain/pleasure