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Monday, September 19, 2011

New Hood and Boots

pup and I went to Mr. S today and he picked up a new pair of army surplus boots. I also picked up a few new toys including a new rubber molded hood, a new chastity device for pup, a new neoprene hood and a few electro toys.

Our good friend Felix - Rubcop on recon, is back in town and he came over for dinner along with a couple of other pups. We got into some play with one of the pups. he is so frisky he needs to be muzzled all the time.

Pup was in his rubber and the new boots and hood. Here is a pic of him sitting by my chair

The goggles, gags and mitts went on after he helped serve dinner. After everyone left (except Felix, he's sleeping in the living room, alas no bondage) I took pup to the bedroom fed him some poppers and played with him a bit before i let him shoot. 

He's taking a shower now and when he's done the new chastity device goes on, probably till Saturday night. We'll see!

Here are some more pics of the rubber pup including the new boots.

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